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Picture Me - Lori Weber I have so much to say about Picture Me, but I can barely be bothered. It is simply not worth it.

It was a disappointment. A huge disappointment. The idea behind it is great: Krista, the overweight girl who is bullied into a fanatic state of refusing to eat and (literally) overdosing on diet pills, Tessa, the sweet, kind best friend who tries to help (and the odd sub-plot of her family) and the main cause of Krista's state, Chelsea. It could have been so well. But the narrative, which switches between the three girls, doesn't work. It overlaps, often simply retelling what was told in one of the other girls' POW just before. I did not find the characters particularly believable, either, and only Tessa seemed genuine and even somewhat believable – and even then it was difficult to think of her as a human being rather than a character in a book. And don't even get me started on Chelsea.

I finished reading it because I wanted to know how it ended, so the upholding of some suspense is a plus. But that ending? I'm all in for open-for-interpretation-endings, but it didn't feel like the story had finished being told when there was nothing left.
Great idea. Poorly executed.