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The Troop - Nick Cutter Worms. Wormsssssss.
Yeah. Let's talk about worms. Because there will be worms. And a lot of them. And by a lot, I mean a lot. Not just some. A lot. If you don't like worms, you won't like The Troop. If you don't like biologically refined (I feel that's inappropriate to call them, but you know) worms, I suggest you never clap eyes on this book. If you don't like the word "worm", don't bother reading this review. I just so happen to like it, and I intend to use it. A lot. Worms.

Now, back to the worms. Imagine that you're on a small island somewhere off the coast, five adolescent boys and a single grown-up, and /bam/, out of nowhere, worms. Absolutely batshit crazy worms that want your soul. And your body. Yeah. Consider that for a bit.

Next, consider what you would do when it suddenly hit you that hey, maybe I won't get off this island. Maybe I'll never return to my normal life. Because these batshit worms say so.

That's it, that's the book. Admittedly, the gripping narrative and the interesting characters (though some more well-developed and rounded than others, but that's that) was what kept me reading at times, because these damn worms, man. They're creepy. Either way, a four-star read. Written with wriggly worms. Flying through the air.